Symposium Travel and Access

Please scroll down to access relevant travel and access information. Alternatively, click on the options to access specific information. For any questions contact Karian Schuitema  or Abigail Pearson 

Keele Hall
Keele University

Traveling by train

You have two options to travel to Keele University by public transport. You either come via Stoke-on-Trent train station or Crewe train station.

From Stoke-on-Trent Train Station

This is the easiest way to get to Keele University. If you would like to travel from the station via taxi suggest you call Roseville Taxis to book one: 01782 613456

If you want to travel by bus you have to catch the 25, which will take you to Keele University in around 25 minutes. You can check the timetable to see when it leaves (make sure you look at the timbales that are outside term times).

The bus leaves very close to the front of the station. Make sure you leave via the main exit (if you arrive on platform 2, you need to use the tunnel to get to platform 1 where the main exit is). The bus stop is on the other side of the road, so cross and turn left.

You want to get off the bus at the stop called Horwood Hall (this stop is not listed on the timetable but is the first stop after the Student’s Union stop)

If you get out of the bus, turn right and follow the path up the road to the entrance of Keele Hall.

From Crewe Train Station

Travelling from this station will take you longer but there may be much cheaper tickets available when you travel via this station (especially if you travel the day before and stay at a local hotel or BB). If you take the bus you have to catch the 85 to Hanley (or Newcastle-under-Lyme ). Howood Hall is also the stop for the 85 (but from Crewe it is the stop before the Student’s Union). If you get out of the bus, cross the road and turn right. 

The bus only goes every hour so please do check the timetable. For example, you can either catch the 08.44 from Crewe Station and get to Keele early at 09.27 or the bus at 09.44 and get there at 10.07. When you want to leave you could get the bus at 17.57 and arrive at Crewe Station at 18.40 or leave at 18.23 and arrive at 18.59. However, please note that these are country and are often delayed (or even 5 minutes early) so give yourself enough time in terms of catching the train. The bus also takes a circular route around a small village so don’t be alarmed  if you see the same shops/buildings twice!

The taxis in front of the station are very expensive (can even be £35) and it would be better if you arrange to be picked up by Roseville Taxis. Call them before you travel to enquire: 01782 613456 

Tickets: If you want a return ticket for the 85 to travel on the same davit is best to get a £5.50 day ticket. The 85 and 25 are operated by different bus companies. If you need to use both, as you may be traveling from two stations, ask the driver for the best ticket.

Traveling by Car

Keele is between Junctions 15 and 16 on the M6 motorway and is just west of Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme. The University is halfway between Manchester and Birmingham. For Sat Nav, use the University postcode: ST5 5BJ

If you need parking then please get in touch beforehand so this can be arranged 


If you want to stay overnight it is recommended that you stay in Newcastle-under-Lyme (not to be confused with Newcastle upon Tyne in North East England). The best place is the Travelodge

You can also find accommodation via AirBB.


The symposium takes place in Keele Hall in the Salvin Room.

Please take the main entrance

You need to walk straight down the entrance hall and take the stairs up to the first floor. Here, turn left and walk straight down the long hall. The Salvin Room is at the end of the hall. There will be signs on the day to help you.

If you want to use the lift, you can find this on your left when you enter the main entrance. However, please get in touch so we can provide you with the right assistance (the buttons on the lift are sadly not straightforward)

The accessible toilet is also near the main entrance but then on your right when you come through the main door

These are some pictures of the different rooms we will use on the day (although the rooms will be arranged differently and displays will be added)

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Travel and Access Information